Adam Chandler
Lead Vocals

Adam Chandler has been a professional singer since the age of 19 after studying at the Brit School he went on to make a living as a wedding and corporate singer.Adam and Andrew shared lead on Britain’s got talent. Voted the best looking member of the band Adam thanks his mum for the vote.

We have lots of gossip about Adam coming very soon.

Alfie Palmer
Lead Vocals

.Alfie Palmer has been a professional singer for a few years being the resident singer at Stock Brook Manor in the land of Essex where he once dated Ferne McCan for TOWIE. Aflie and Adam were extremely close during the show with them being very similar. Adam would look out for Alf when things were tough for him

some very interesting things about Alfie to come soon.

Andrew Bourn
Lead Vocals

Andrew Bourn was one of the lead singers on Britain’s got talent along side Adam but could not dance as well as him! Andrew is a family man with his wife and two children living in Ickenham in a house with a home made white picket fence (he did love that fence). Some of you may have spotted his slightly suspect start to feeling good in the final… oooops

Some facts about Andrew and his crazy antics to come soon.

Sean Ryder Wolf
Lead Vocals

Second best looking member Sean is one of the most charming and loyal humans you will ever meet. He has a beautiful and caring nature and is always looking for the best solution to suit everyone which in a band of 4 he can sometimes be out voted and overlooked! Vocally he didn’t get to shine on the show but he will show his colours soon!

For gossip that you will be amazed by keep coming back to the site

Smash It Up // Facivii - Endless Me
  1. Smash It Up // Facivii - Endless Me
  2. Missing You // Facivii - Endless Me
  3. Pump The Club // Facivii - Endless Me
  4. Blue Groove Deluxe // Facivii - Endless Me
  5. Extreme Shot // Facivii - Endless Me
  6. Modern Dance Chart Opening // Facivii - Endless Me
  7. Drifter // Facivii - The New Moon