Jack Pack

Everything you would ever want to know about the Britain's got talent finalists!

Here you will find out all you ever wanted to know about the act that swung their way in to the finals of last years Britain’s Got Talent. While on the popular ITV show Jack Pack made up of Adam Chandler, Alfie Palmer, Andrew Bourn and Sean Ryder Wolf they guys formed a strong following receiving more than half of the overall votes on the semi finals nights and ending up coming 4th overall in the finals losing out to rival band Collabro who stole the show with their incredible rendition of Stars.

As with every TV show there are things that take place behind the scenes and things that the audience do not get to see or hear about. For me though as one of the Jackpack boys i was lucky enough to experience the journey from and inside view. Keep coming back to www.jackpack.co.uk to find out all of the gossip from behind the scenes and also plenty of interesting facts about us the Britain’s got talent finalists Jack Pack! 

In the meantime while you wait for the updates, feel free to watch the videos of us auditioning and performing in an effort to win Britain’s Got Talent 2014. You can see Alfie melt a little in the first video when Alesha Dixon says “he is the cream in her coffee”. Or Adam looking relieved to have made it through My Way getting all of his harmonies right, Or Sean having a little dance at the end of feeling good. 

If you want to be a Jackpacker then make sure you follow the Facebook and twitter that we set up while on the show.

Smash It Up // Facivii - Endless Me
  1. Smash It Up // Facivii - Endless Me
  2. Missing You // Facivii - Endless Me
  3. Pump The Club // Facivii - Endless Me
  4. Blue Groove Deluxe // Facivii - Endless Me
  5. Extreme Shot // Facivii - Endless Me
  6. Modern Dance Chart Opening // Facivii - Endless Me
  7. Drifter // Facivii - The New Moon